2016 BRZ in Longmont CO serving the Denver and Boulder area is built for the enthusiast on a sturdy platform for an affordable price and backed by the Subaru brand of quality, long-lasting automobiles. Subaru continues to take a refreshing look at the sports car, revisiting a bygone age when driving was all about the connection between you and your vehicle.  Its lightweight body combined with a short wheelbase and the set-back cockpit of a traditional sports coupe make for an exhilarating driving experience amplified by its mechanical gearbox, which is highly praised throughout the automotive press as being one of the finest in the industry.  By virtue of its light frame, it needs fewer horsepower to push it along, helping it to get more out of 200 horsepower than many cars get out of twice that, while also allowing you to get better gas mileage - up to 34 mpg - than most comers in its field.
Driver-centric through and through, the 2016 BRZ in Longmont CO serving the Denver and Boulder area features an interior that is as equally focused on you as the rest of the design.  Heavily-bolstered sport seats available in plush Alcantara leather, standard leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift-knob, and a center-mounted analog tachometer with embedded digital speedometer, reminding you that this is, first and foremost, a vehicle devoted to performance.  In the center dash, the BRZ gives its nod to the world of modern automobiles with Subaru Starlink, giving you touchscreen access to familiar smartphone apps, easy control of your music and available navigation system, SiriusXM, and more.  In addition, beneath that, available automatic dual-zone climate control makes sure you and your passenger are perfectly comfortable, while the premium audio system with 8-speaker sound ensures you get the finest audio experience available, whether you are listening to HD Radio, CDs, audio from your smartphone via Bluetooth, or one of the many other options available to you.
With its low profile, wide stance and a set-back cockpit, the 2016 BRZ in Longmont CO serving the Denver and Boulder area presents a package that is all drive, and no fluff.  From front to back, its sculpted lines lend it a living, swift appearance, evidenced in its assertively broad shoulders, the gentle scoop of the hood, the wide grille.  All BRZ models are equipped standard with brilliant HID headlights, with available fog lights rounding out the front fascia.  From the side, its silhouette creates illusory motion, giving you the impression that it is moving even as it is parked, and, as form follows function, this aerodynamic design naturally sets it on the bleeding edge of cool.  Sitting on 17-inch standard aluminum alloy wheels, the sleek rims prove to be lightweight and lend agility to the vehicle.  In the rear, an available spoiler increases downforce on the vehicle to give you more traction and, therefore, more control, while bold taillights blend seamlessly with the muscular rear fascia, featuring dual bright exhaust tips which peek out from the cool matte black bumper, style so thrilling that it holds the gaze of those whose heads you turn as you speed by.
When it comes to 2016 BRZ in Longmont CO serving the Denver and Boulder area, performance is about more than acceleration.  It transcends quarter mile times.  The BRZ celebrates the drive, plain and simple, with a throaty engine growl, thrilling handling that begs you to get out of your house or leave work a little early to go for a cruise, and zippy performance that will not only keep your pulse racing but will continue to do so long after many other sports cars would have given up the ghost, thanks to the much-lauded Subaru commitment to quality craftsmanship and design.  Equipped with a naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter BOXER engine, 200 horses propel the feather-light frame forward, giving incredible torque at incredibly high RPMs for heart-pounding performance all the way up the speedometer.  With its incredibly low center of gravity and intelligently sport-tuned suspension, it responds swiftly to your every command.

Continuing along the theme of simplicity and directness in design, the 2016 BRZ in Longmont CO serving the Denver and Boulder area is offered in two surprisingly affordable trims.  Starting at MSRP $25,395, the Premium trim nets you the drive-happy experience of a BRZ, complete with 22/30 city/hwy gas mileage, advanced touchscreen infotainment from Subaru STARLINK, the seamless blending of modern and classic design cues in the instrument cluster and the overall look, and of course, the slick, responsive handling that earned this car praise for its purist-centric aesthetic and experience.  Building on that, the Limited adds standard heated Alcantara leather seats, keyless access with pushbutton start, dual-zone climate control, and much more.  Whichever is your choice, we will gladly help you make it.  Call us today to set up a zero obligation test drive and find out why so many devotees of the drive are choosing the 2016 Subaru BRZ today!

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